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LENSUN Electronic Trade Co

Established in 2000, LENSUN Electronic Trade Co. is an independent stocking distributor of electronic components. We have many years of successful trade experiences. Our high quality products and famous services have earned domestic and oversea customers' recognition and a good reputation.

We are mainly selling:
Integrated Circuits,
Capacitors, Resistors, and Inductors,Sensors, Switches, LED,Potentiometers, Relays,
Power Supplies, Modules,
Terminal Blocks, Connectors, Sockets, Programmers, and Adapters,
, Electromagnetism valves, inverters, programmable controller PLC, level gauge, transmitters, the importation mold pieces, soft starters, DC governors, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, industrial instruments, low-voltage parts, and other more;

Siemens: S7 - 200, S7 - 300, 400, and S5 series of PLC mold piece; MM420, MM430, MM440, and 6 SE70 series of inverters; 1 LA, 1 FT, and 1 GG series of electrical engineering; 6 DDs, 6 DC, 6 SNs, 6 FM, SFC, and 6 UM series of number control; OP27, OP37, OP270, and OP370 series of touch screen; the 3NE, 3RW22 series of low-voltage parts and thermal breakers;

OMRON: CPM1A, CQM1H, CJ1M, CJIW, C40P, C200HE/X/G, CS1 PLC, NT Touch screen and low-voltage parts;

Mitsubishi: A, Q series PLC, FR-S500, FR-E500, FR-A500, and FR-F740 series of inverters and accessories; FX1S, FX0N, FX1N, and FX2N series of PLC, CH series AC servo system, and GOT series Man-machine interface; YASKAWA, FUJI series of inverters and FUJI low-voltage accessories;

We have lots of products in stock. The shortest delivery time will be 1~3 days.
We will offer the best price for you.

And all the goods are in newly unused and original packing condition. We will favorably provide many services, such as ordering goods, finding materials in market and providing relative technical information for you.

What you should do is just making a call or sending an E-mail to us. We will give you feedback within 24hours. We have a professional sales team which will serve for y
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